Monday, June 9, 2008

103 temps ~ already sick of it!

Its been just horribly hot here and even hotter this weekend we spent in Charlotte, NC. Heat index was 108 today and more of it for tomorrow. Seems too early in June to be having these kinds of temps.

Enjoyed out little weekend trip down to Charlotte, NC. My son and his wife met us up there from Alabama and we spent the weekend at a hotel there. Went antiquing but didn't find much of anything. Seems to get harder and harder to find good stuff. D/H treated both me and our daughter in law to new purses when we stopped by an outlet mall. Hers is a Coach and mine is a Dooney. We sure enjoyed seeing the kids but it just went by too fast and wasn't long enough!! Here are a couple of pics from the weekend!

Me and My Son

D/H and our daughter in law with the "purse"

Me and my DIL with our new purses!