Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Dogs and booster shots..

Yesterday I took both Megan and Morgan to get their shots updated since they were due but didn't plan to do it all at once time. Tried to book them several weeks prior to their regular groomers and no way could I get an appointment and of course their shots had just run out about 2 weeks here I go to a new groomer to get them in and of course they want updated shot records...which I am fine with that and think its a good thing. Just didnt have that much money set aside for all of it. Total bill was like $ Megan ran much higher cause she is a siezure dog on meds and they have to do an expensive test on her to check her levels since now she is on potassium bromide and has been for 4 years. They do a yearly testing on her and the test is almost $200.00. Well Ok I did they call me today and say the blood samples were not picked up last night and they need me to take her back to get a fresh blood sample...of course no charge..LOL...the cost of that test, they should come here to my house and get a blood sample with the price of gas..anyway...will have to take her back another time and they have to stick her again to get the blood for the test...I am not happy since, I had reason to be over there near the vets and had all this have to go back another time for the same thing I already did...its about 45 miles round trip but I will do it for her/Ms Megan!!!